Task 5, option 2

I have used https://app.diagrams.net/ from app development to website development with Yr9s . This free app gives the students to flexibility to put their ideas in a story board, site maps, flow charts , as part a good design plan.

Then as part of considerations, the students had to answer the below questions in teams

  • What are you trying to solve with this app? What are your goals?
  • Who do you want to use your app?
  • What is target area for your app?
  • For which devices is the app developed for?
  • How do you want your UI to look like?
  • How interactive will it be? How will the user interact with the application?  Will it involve characters, animation, text-based, dialogues or audio? How do you ensure the user friendliness? e.g. easy to navigate, easy to follow instruction?
  • Will your app involve sharing information?
  • What information is needed? If you are going to share information, what services will you use to store the information?
  • What functionality will your app provide?
  • finally get a user feedback on the designed app and do the evaluation/reflections process again and implement the user feedback.

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