Task 8 , option 1

I really enjoyed going through the content . Going from Foundation to Yr 7/8 was an affirming process for me whether I have planned and implemented the necessary units of teaching/learning cycles in each Year group. Specifically the starting point for Yr7s was a grey area for myself not knowing what the students have been exposed in the upper primary years.


I will certainly implement 10 Wk module in the future for our Yr7 as it encompasses a broad spectrum of skills , knowledge and understanding so that the students are prepared to take on electives based on their general skills and knowledge they gain from the 10 wk module.

Thank you sharing….

  • Unit 1 – focusing on general purpose programming languages, and the introduction of functions as key decomposition mechanisms (1.5, 1.6)
  • Unit 2 – identifying the key process steps and roles in app development (2.2)
  • Unit 3 – introducing students to high level design concepts (3.3) and to defining problems that the apps will solve (3.4)
  • Unit 4 – focusing on finding data sources and how to present data (4.2, 4.4)
  • Unit 5 – with an emphasis on app prototyping and interface design and usability, as well as using flowcharts and pseudocode to describe app functionality (5.2, 5.4, 5.5)
  • Unit 6 – brief introduction to app inventor (6.3), introducing mobile app development (6.4, 6.5) as well as presenting information related to apps (6.6)
  • Unit 7 – introduction to testing, with a practical application of testing either the paper-based prototype or the developed app following lesson 6.3 (7.1, 7.2)

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