safe drop saw

Task 1.1

Algorithm used in context
When you do use a search engine, the algorithm implanted in the search engine may be off slightly. It is only what the programmer has put into the algorithm.
An example could be that you search for a photo of a goat but get a photo of a dog.
If there was a minor change to the algorithm in the search engine, you may instead end up with a picture of a ram.

Task 1.2.
Example Function

To safely chop a length of wood:

1. clear work surface
2. place wood on bench against saw bench fence
3. slide up to measurement stop
4. activate heat sensor for presence of temp range 35-39 deg C
– if presence of 35-39 deg C, keep saw off
– else turn on saw
5. lower saw blade to bottom position
6. raise saw blade to home position
7. turn off saw
(the human removes the piece of wood
8. repeat

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