Task 7

To get to the stage of debugging, the students would have to have a decent knowledge of the language being used and the appropriate syntax required. However, if they are using something like App Inventor to debug, then the process is different. The first way using a programming language would be to write a piece of code myself that is incomplete and full of  errors (but have the errors documented for the assessment). The students will then have to go around and fix the code, finding as many errors as they can. Such errors can include a misuse of a semicolon, the wrong type of loop, a statement not being completed, and the addition/removal of certain pieces of vital code. If the students are using App Inventor, I would use a similar design to the programming language way, but make it that there are less errors, and more things missing or too many conflicting errors. They would have to test individual parts of their code/program, and even use other students to test.


Another way to test would be to pit similar students against each other: have a complete program that a students has written (backed up of course) and get a second student to come along and change a few vital pieces of code around. Get the first student to find out what went wrong and fix it, and then swap. This would allow for collaboration as well as computation thinking.

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