The future

In our current world with the COVID 19 pandemic it has become mandatory that we sign in and leave our details wherever we go. While this was put into place for contact tracing, this has also open potential privacy issues as it allows hackers or organisations to trace where we go on a daily basis. In looking at the current world we can say that it is forever changing and so is technology. Within the last few years, we have seen a growth in artificial intelligence which is the ability machines and computers have, to learn from experiences, creating pathways in which they can enhance their capabilities. This advance in technology opens more ways in which hackers can harm us thus emphasising the importance that our cyber security should keep up with the ever-changing technological world. Another advance that brings forth more dangers is the automatic paying system. This system allows a particular company to have access to your bank accounts, and in doing this you need to trust their own cyber safety measures because if they were to be hacked, your money may not be safe.

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