The Key differences

Similar to a chain cyber security, cyber safety and cyber awareness are interconnected and all play a crucial part in protecting us online, thus evidently important to be taught to student within the classroom. To empathies the importance of this being integrated into the curriculum we can look into the growing use of technologies around the world.

Cyber security is the practice of protecting devices, networks, programs and data from digital attacks. An example of this would be a firewall, which can come in forms of programs set up to be installed and act physically to protect your online data.

Cyber safety are the skills and knowledge we can adopt to improve our behavior and interactions online.

Cyber awareness is knowing the potential treats or dangers on the internet.

For instance knowing the key differences in personal and private information would be an example of cyber safety. While knowing how people may misuse this information negatively would be cyber awareness. Furthermore cyber security would be programs set in place to protect your online sources with this information from threats.


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