Task 8

They could create a similar app to Tree museum, thereby introducing a biology component, but it would be directly related to the plants in the school grounds. They could walk around and identify and photograph as many native plants as they can find and then use an app like Plantsnap to name them. They could find out the Indigenous names of the plants and the signifance of these plants/trees in indigenous culture, then add this info to the app. They could put in location data for the plants, such as a map, and turn it into a botanical walk. All the data would finally be consolidated into a larger shared map. Students from English classes or local primary school could be invited to attend the botanical walk on the senior campus and contribute poetry about the plants at each location, or the art class could do drawings which could be scanned and added to the map via the app. Biology students could also contribute. There are a lot of opportunities for the community to connect and make it into a fun project.

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