Defining Problems – Project Plan

I’ve created a project for using at Year 8 next year, that integrates the micro:bit and app design – students are tasked with designing and prototyping a piece of technology using the micro:bit, with a connected app, where the brief is “something that helps improve people’s lives.” There are a few suggested categories that students can choose to create a product for (health, security, environment, social/gaming), with examples given for each, or they can come up with their own. Students have to first brainstorm (and interview, if they want to), plan/mind-map (including a flowchart of processes), and prototype their product, then plan/mind-map the app that connects to their device, come up with 3 possible designs, choose one, create a flowchart of app design, then a mock-up using App Lab from It may be ambitious, but I’m excited to see what students come up with!

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