Unit 2 – Task

All three terms are have a very close meaning but there is a fine line of division that differentiates these three different words.
– First, cyber security guards the infrastructure of school technology like networks, computers, and cloud and data applications from cyber-attacks. Cybercrime security guards students and staff information from identity theft of any kind and also protects their information.
– Next, cyber awareness is not just knowledge. It is knowledge combined with attitudes and behaviors that serve to protect our information assets. Being cyber awareness means you understand what the threats are and you take the right steps to prevent them.
– Finally, cyber safety makes use of tools to safeguard students from viewing explicit or violent content on school networks and computers. These tools monitor domains and content with the help of filters for students’ safety and alert the staff if any intervention is needed.
I am glad you asked and even after learning in this field for while now. The times of Covid-19 have forced everyone including students to use digital channels. Most students are using online education and digital media for learning. Cyber awareness is their day in and day out using internet and your ability to be updated on various trends of usage. It made me think the importants between these three terms that i need to talk to my students simply in the classroom in order:
– Cyber awareness is fundamental for students and more important than ever
– Cyber safety means protecting users from harmful online content
– Cyber security means protecting data and information networks
If your students use are safe online, our schools can all enjoy the internet’s abundant resources. However, guarding against dangers and risks which can turn our internet experience from good to bad.


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