Creating strong passwords, passcodes or passphrases.

Currently, a password is like a key to unlock your room or house. Without a password, you can’t enter to your property or room that you own. A strong password is being demanded from a user to have. Mostly if we create an account from the apps or web will be asked for a strong password. Like another computer system, a strong password will have a combination between uppercase, lowercase, number and special character in the password. Besides that, there is a minimum character length that needs to be fulfilled when we create a new account.

Some other tips of creating password and protect:

  • Don’t reuse your passwords. Recycling passwords is highly insecure and gives hackers access to multiple accounts.
  • Make your password at least 12 characters long.
  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Avoid choosing passwords that could be guessed by people who know you or by people looking at easily accessible info (like your social media profiles).
  • Don’t use personal info (such as your nickname or initials, important birthdays or years, the name of your child or pet etc.).
  • Don’t use common words or patterns.
  • Make your password longer and memorable (such as a lyric from a song or poem or a meaningful quote from a movie or speech).

  • Random passwords are the strongest. If you’re having trouble creating one, you can use a password generator instead. However, random passwords can be hard to remember. Consider using password managers like LastPass, 1Password, and Google Chrome’s password manager.


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