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Kurdistan Regional Government raises fears over Silk Road drug route from Afghanistan. Syrian prime minister vows to save crisis-hit country from ‘violence, sectarianism and extremism’. Official blames attack on Syrian air force. The rise in the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon could also threaten to disrupt the work of donor countries in the country, economists said. Most observers assume that Syrian refugees could pose a threat to security when it comes to the threat of returning jihadists. They are not as strong as the original, Pakistan says. From the central city of Ghazni to the north-eastern province of Kunar, whole areas are now disputed territory, and Taliban insurgents now rule an ungoverned frontier from Afghanistan to the north.

The BBC’s David Loyn in Kabul says when the Taliban captured Ghazni in 2001, their success sent a message of fear to minority communities and marked the end of the civil war. But now, with the Taliban’s rule back in force, local police are struggling to contain the insurgency, our correspondent says. Eastern Afghanistan is now fertile ground for the insurgency, he says. He goes on to say that the Taliban have used the winter for a resurgence of their activities, taking advantage of the fall snow. The death toll has been rising sharply, partly due to an increase in brutal fighting by hardline religious militants in the past six months. At least 70 people have been killed in a wave of suicide and car bombings, carried out by the hardline Taliban and, less frequently, by al-Qaeda-linked militants. Attackers have attacked the West, Afghan and coalition forces, and struck high-profile figures. One was the Afghan governor of Farah province, Iqbal Qasim, who had led a major joint Afghan and coalition offensive against the Taliban in the south of the country. The target of the suicide bombing was his convoy, our correspondent says. The attack in Charikar,

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