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AutoCAD Crack Mac is capable of producing several types of design drawings. These include 2D drawings of structural plans, electrical schematics, and architectural blueprints; 3D drawings of mechanical parts, equipment, fixtures, and assemblies; as well as stereo views of architectural interiors. It also generates orthographic drawings for the construction industry, and drawings of mechanical parts for manufacturing, including machine design.

Free Trial

AutoCAD Cracked Version, due to its complex nature, is generally not suitable for beginners and requires a lot of skill to use. However, the trial version allows for an unlimited number of free uses and provides a lot of training. It can be used on either Windows or Mac operating systems.

CAD Drawing Software for Students and Professionals

AutoCAD is one of the best-selling and most widely used CAD software in the world. It is one of the most popular and extensively used among engineering and architecture students. Students learning to draft for the first time or who have never drafted before generally find it difficult to grasp the intricacies of this software, requiring a lot of practice.

AutoCAD has a complex user interface and is perhaps one of the most difficult types of CAD programs to use at the start of a drafting career. The various types of design tools in AutoCAD, like dimensioning, drafting, plotting, and so on, are extremely diverse, allowing you to use whichever tool is most appropriate to the job at hand.

Fully Featured

AutoCAD is available in both the desktop and web versions, and both are fully featured. The web version is a 3D-enabled Web App (through Autodesk 360) that is similar to the desktop version and enables you to draw in 3D. The web app is available at no cost with no monthly subscription fees.

Gives You Real-time Feedback

The AutoCAD designers use “tight” forms of feedback to prevent you from making an error. If you make any mistake in an AutoCAD drawing, the software will display a prompt in red and allow you to immediately correct it. The red prompt also indicates whether the change you are making is appropriate to the current context of the drawing, as indicated by the presence or absence of a comment tag.

Suitably Affordable

AutoCAD 2018/2019 has become one of the most suitable CAD programs for students and professionals. Its high-quality features at a moderate price


There is an extension (now discontinued) for the program called “Handstand”, which was an automatic floor planing tool that could plan a floor plan of up to 50,000 square feet of floor space from a blue print. The floor planer could even distinguish tables, windows, and doors, and automatically dimension and place them in the floor plan. Handstand was discontinued in 2007 when it was purchased by WebEx.

Autodesk first released AutoCAD in 1985.

Programmatic software and system tools for Autodesk products can be developed in Autodesk’s proprietary ObjectARX toolkit and in a variety of open-source and cross-platform technologies such as Perl, C#, Java, HTML5, JavaScript, Unity, Rhino, Actionscript, JavaFX, PHP, C++, and Autocad’s own DXF file format.

Technical areas
While being developed in the early days by just a single team, AutoCAD is now developed and maintained by a number of teams. The different areas are:
Architecture – defined as the design and construction of a building (or other structure)
Infrastructure – developing programs and systems that underlie AutoCAD, such as the database and the rest of the operating system.
User interface – software that allows a user to communicate with AutoCAD and other programs, and allows users to customize the operating environment.
Core – internal AutoCAD code to support the other areas.

Product areas
AutoCAD is sold for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and also in several iOS versions. There are also versions for Android and the web.

Functional areas
In addition to the technical areas listed above, AutoCAD provides the following functional areas:
Drafting – drawing architectural, interior and mechanical drawings
Design – creating a drawing or document for architectural, interior, mechanical or civil engineering purposes
Modeling – creating 3D models of a project. A 2D model is called a drawing in AutoCAD, whereas a 3D model is called a model.
Project design – creating drawings and specifications to develop a project
Land surveying – creating maps, plans, and related drawings and information for civil engineering. Land surveying is defined as a generalization of the concept of surveying, and is “the branch of land surveying dealing with the measurement and recording of terrestrial features using non-contact and electronic devices to determine position and orientation”, and includes the surveying of survey points,

AutoCAD Free


AutoCAD’s high degree of geometrical modeling functionality makes it suitable for many types of projects, even large-scale architectural projects. It can export to DXF, DWG, DGN, UG, IES and IGES and can import from those formats. The ability to edit the object history allows significant revisions to be made to a drawing without losing the ability to revert to any previous state. AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT also support many of the native DXF and DGN extensions such as linear bodies and splines. AutoCAD’s Grasshopper 3D modeling feature allows highly accurate 3D model rendering of buildings, bridges, and other similar structures.

AutoCAD also includes many intelligent features for drafting and architectural design. The program has the capability of opening, editing, and exporting AutoCAD drawings that it has produced as well as importing DXF and DGN files that have been produced by other programs.

Raster and vector graphics
AutoCAD supports the ability to open and save vector and raster files. Vector graphics can be edited in AutoCAD, using a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interface or with the ability to use shape objects for editing geometry. Unlike most traditional CAD programs, AutoCAD has the ability to edit line, polyline, spline, and arc types of shapes.

Autodesk Revit is a proprietary 3D BIM and construction management application developed by Autodesk and supported on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. As of Revit 2015, Revit supports the use of external applications as well as an integrated Windows 8 and Metro design environment. Revit and AutoCAD are highly compatible. The software is offered as a subscription service for use in the field and requires a perpetual license. Revit 2014 introduced 3D modeling of architectural objects, allowing architects and contractors to design and construct buildings in 3D. Revit 2016 introduced collaboration with AutoCAD in which 3D buildings can be integrated in a 2D design environment.

AutoCAD Architecture, formerly Autodesk Architect, is a platform for construction and building information modeling (BIM) designed to be used by architects and their clients. It is a design platform for:
building design and planning
construction modeling and documentation
collaboration between design and construction professionals

AutoCAD Architecture is compatible with other Autodesk products, such as AutoCAD, Auto

What’s New in the?

Integrate files from popular 3D printing programs. Open and save 3D models from popular software such as Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk 3ds Max, and others directly into AutoCAD drawings without the need to re-export to AutoCAD. (video: 1:17 min.)

Use place-and-connect to automatically locate the most appropriate shape to place when you connect two or more AutoCAD objects. (video: 1:20 min.)

Easy geometric modeling:

Use a simplified and improved Drafting toolbar to easily select and draw geometric objects.

Use the Dynamic Data Previewer to view design changes quickly. Get design feedback about shapes as they move and change. (video: 1:18 min.)

Create and edit multipolygon curves and splines. Easily create multipolygon curves and splines using the user interface or on-screen tooltips.

Easily draw on the surface of multipolygon curves and splines. Use the appropriate tooltips or the user interface to draw directly on the surface of a multipolygon curve or spline.

Improvements in the AI-based Drawing and Presentation tools:

Use the AI-based Presentation tools to enhance your presentations. For example, present live or animated CAD models from a local network or in the cloud. Improve the quality of your presentations with richer, more-accurate 3D and video content. (video: 1:06 min.)

Streamline collaboration with better text chat and support for workbooks. Easily collaborate with multiple team members using AI-based collaboration tools. Text chat with others in real time and show chat history. (video: 1:01 min.)

Share AI-based drawings and presentations with others easily. Collaborate and share CAD models and presentations with others through the network or cloud.

Better error handling and ease of use:

View and resolve common problems for even easier operation. Easily resolve common errors with live and animated error messages that provide insight into the source of the error. (video: 1:05 min.)

Easily identify and resolve startup and shutdown issues with the automatic UI (User Interface) log tool. Automatically record information about startup and shutdown events. (video: 1:04 min.)

Use existing settings to quickly and easily create new layouts and pages. No longer is it necessary

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

No required hardware or additional software
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