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In 2016, a total of 4.9 million licenses for AutoCAD Crack Free Download were sold, and AutoCAD’s current users number approximately 3.5 million. Within the industry, AutoCAD is second only to Microsoft’s Word in terms of its installed base of active users.

AutoCAD started in 1981 as a system for creating engineering drawings using a vector graphics approach. The first AutoCAD was written by Todd McKinnon, a mechanical engineer working at Dehcho Research Laboratory in Toronto, Canada, who eventually became AutoDesk. He took a copy of the old program On Wings of Steel, the first C++ version of AutoLISP, and, through laborious trial and error, converted it to operate with new graphics technology. This early software was not commercially successful and there was no source code or documentation.

AutoCAD originated as a project at Dehcho Research Laboratory in Toronto, Canada, where Todd McKinnon, a mechanical engineer, built a version of On Wings of Steel that was converted to AutoCAD. AutoDesk initially developed AutoCAD as part of the.NET software package in the late 1990s. However, AutoDesk’s version was a Microsoft Windows NT-based product, and eventually moved to.NET 2.0 which was based on the.NET for Windows CE 3.5 and for Windows Mobile 6.0.

There have been over a dozen versions of AutoCAD since its introduction in 1982. In 2012, the AutoCAD R&D team released the first release of AutoCAD since version 2007. This first release since 2007 was the 2009 R13 Beta for the Windows operating system.


AutoCAD is an integrated suite of computer aided design (CAD) applications, focusing on mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architectural engineering and landscape design. It can create 2D or 3D drawings and 3D models. This latter capability is intended to support models of 3D objects based on constructive solid geometry (CSG). Many add-ons are also available.

AutoCAD is available on a wide range of platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows. It is also available on some Linux distributions such as Arch Linux, Ubuntu and Fedora. It is the most used CAD software for 2D and 3D geometry design of free and proprietary models.

Product features

Adobe Flash plugin version

AutoCAD 2008 supports Adobe Flash plugin version 7

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Forms of CAD systems
Although AutoCAD itself is available in many versions, and provides several different input formats, it can generally be used with every other popular CAD system. For example, AutoCAD can be used to import and export AutoCAD DWG drawings to the IBM-produced software package D-Base, to the Autodesk-produced software package Draw, and to the Microsoft-produced software package MicroStation. The D-Base software package was originally developed for the Hewlett-Packard HP-35/36, and Draw for the Apple Macintosh, and MicroStation for the IBM-produced software package AS/400 MVS.

Open source implementations of AutoCAD are available from Cadsoft.

Autocad 2009

Autocad 2009 (formerly eCAD) was released in late 2007. The software works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It has an object oriented programming interface, and supports the importing of DXF and DWG files. In addition, it can export DWG files to PDF. Autocad 2009 runs as a Windows Service and an ActiveX control. Autocad 2009 uses a smaller memory footprint than previous versions of AutoCAD. Autocad 2009 has a built in database.

Autocad LT 2009

Autocad LT 2009 (formerly eCAD LT) was released in late 2008. The software works with Windows Vista and Windows 7, as well as Windows XP. Autocad LT 2009 supports the importing and exporting of AutoCAD DWG files. Autocad LT 2009 uses a built-in database. It has an object oriented programming interface, and supports the importing of DXF files.

Autocad R2009

Autocad R2009 was released in 2009. Autocad R2009 uses a database. Autocad R2009 supports the importing of DXF, DWG and PDF files. Autocad R2009 supports the importing and exporting of IES files. Autocad R2009 was designed to be more flexible for developers than previous versions of AutoCAD. For example, developers are able to create their own menus and toolbars, which may not be available with previous versions of AutoCAD.

Autocad LT 2010

Autocad LT 2010 was released in late 2009. Autocad LT 2010 is a more powerful version of Autocad LT 2009. Autocad LT 2010 supports the importing and exporting of AutoC

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If you want to use your product key on windows 7 or 10, you need to download the key
If you want to use your product key on ubuntu, you need to download the key
Start the Autocad app
Open the menu to the extreme right, choose “Profile”
Press the “Create Profile” button
Select the “Pass” profile
In the window below, press the “Save File” button
Close Autocad
Exit “Pass” profile, and select “Save to my Profile”
Press “Yes”
Go back to the profile menu in Autocad
Open “Pass” profile, and select “Recovery”
Press “OK”

Next, open Notepad, and then paste the following code:

Next, save the file as “F_Pass.xml”
Exit Notepad

Next, open the Autocad.ini file, and find the section.
In the section, change the to this:

For Windows 7 or 10 users, this is a good code to use. The key is required to bypass product activation. To find your product key, in the Autocad app, open the menu to the extreme right, and choose “Support” -> “Active Support” -> “Active Product Key”
You can find your product key here: ProductKey

For Ubuntu users, use the following code:


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What’s New In?

View and navigate your annotated models on mobile. When importing a new model into AutoCAD, view it on mobile, then navigate back to your drawing, then continue working. (video: 1:28 min.)

Automate annotation synchronization. The drawing object on your mobile device is automatically updated when you update a drawing on your PC. (video: 1:38 min.)

Improved trackpad, trackpoint, and mouse support

Rapid 1-touch resize in legacy 2D and 3D views

Orthographic views are now easier to navigate

Multi-level view lists are now easier to navigate

Simplified and enhanced user interface for DPI settings

Enhanced drawing experience on touch devices

Improved 360-degree view tool

Work with multiple drawing files simultaneously

Zoom to the center and cursor snaps are now live

Added layers control in a new tab. This is the new layer dialog.

Added temporary layers (Layer Controls) to the layer palette. Use the Layer Controls to create temporary layers, such as layers that only hold a color, fonts, or styles.

Moved Temporary Layers (Layer Controls) to the Layer Palette so that they can be accessed more quickly.

Views are now available on the left side of the interface.


Save your time in mesh refinement with the new Spline options. Use the new spline options to simplify the curves by first smoothing them and then improving upon them.

User-defined menu

Now you can customize your command options and even create custom drop-down menus. There is a free Application Bar Manager Add-In for AutoCAD that can help you quickly add or remove menus and command options.

Shape filtering

Filter your geometry by the shape type you want.

Integrated 3D view

The integrated 3D view makes it easy to see and work with 3D model data in AutoCAD and Project. You can view any DWG/DWF model in 3D with the new standard windows and 3D view toolbar.

The integrated 3D view includes a complete set of new drawing commands and tools to support DWG and DWF file editing.

Draft view

Draft mode lets you work with the lowest level of detail.

Multi-view drawing and editing

Now you can work on several drawings simultaneously. Use the multi-view drawing

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Supported OS: Windows XP SP3 or later.
RAM: 1 GB or more.
Hard Disk: 2GB (Recommended)
First Time Setup
1. Install the software on your PC.
2. Register for a new Steam Account.
3. Go to “C:\Steam\userdata\12897\gameid” folder, and copy the “Logs” folder to the root folder of the Cloud Sync.
4. Run the game.
5. Wait for the

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