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Although it has since been superseded by AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD is the most popular CAD application in the world. In 2017, more than 2 million users of AutoCAD (an all-time high) were generating more than 15 million drawings a day. The worldwide market for AutoCAD is estimated to be $1.3 billion.1 In 2020, Autodesk is estimated to be worth $15 billion.

3.2 Trends

AutoCAD and other CAD applications are used in the following industries:

Architecture, Construction and Engineering

Construction, building and interior design

Facilities and Property Management

Finances and accounting

Finance and investment

Manufacturing and Factory Automation


Oil, Gas, and Chemical

Real Estate

Automotive and transportation

In a survey of industrial CAD users in the United States, the top 5 reasons for using CAD software are as follows:

Cost savings

Reduce time

Reduce errors

Increase productivity

Reduce errors

In one survey of CAD managers in North America, the top 5 reasons for using CAD software are as follows:

Reduce errors

Reduce time

Cut costs

Increase productivity

Reduce errors

In North America, 89% of CAD users have been satisfied with their software, while in Asia, 88% of CAD users have been satisfied with their software.2

3.3 Design Engineers

CAD software can reduce costs and errors and increase productivity for design engineers.

The types of projects, products and services used by design engineers vary greatly, but there are common factors such as:


The ability to work with large volumes of data and design details

The ability to work in multiple projects at the same time

Visual design skills

The number of users varies from a few professionals to thousands. There is no set type of user, such as CAD manager or product engineer.

3.4 Business Use

CAD software can be used for the following types of activities:

Drafting and design

CAD software is used by the following industries for the following types of projects and projects:

Drafting and design: Architecture, engineering, construction, building, manufacturing, facility management, research and development, and design-related construction.

Architecture, engineering, construction, building

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Photoshop plugins

The ability to incorporate Photoshop modules is a feature included in AutoCAD since version 2015.

AutoCAD was originally written using a proprietary language called Lisp. The author was Toni Stabler. In 2000 he left Autodesk and the new owner took over the source code and continued developing AutoCAD using Visual LISP. As of Autodesk 2012, the source code was still being developed with new features added under the name Autodesk Architectural Design Suite.

The product was originally called AutoCAD 200. It had many limitations. The user interface was divided into a separate design editor for drafting and a command window for command-line functionality. The command line was controlled by the keyboard directly. The drawing commands were limited to those for the object or linetype, which could be selected by keyboard or mouse, but there was no “search” feature and the user interface was not very intuitive. The viewing area could not be scaled (zoomed) and only a small number of graphic entities could be used in a drawing. The menu system was also minimal. Most of the menus (and the main menu bar) were divided into categories called modules. This helped AutoCAD users to make sense of the menu system, and it was often easier to follow, since the user could focus on a module than the entire screen.

In AutoCAD 200, the drawing canvas was much smaller than the current version. It was a fixed 32 by 42 cm rectangle with a 90 degree right angle at the top. It was much less efficient to use.

In AutoCAD 200 the object template window was a fixed size that was the same size as the main window. It was an easy way to specify parameters, but was not flexible enough.

In AutoCAD 200, many of the drawing commands were only available via the keyboard. When the user wanted to use the mouse, there was only a menu bar for the command window.

AutoCAD 200 did not have integrated Xrefs, 3D viewing, coordinate systems, or other geometric information.

A number of additional features were added in AutoCAD 2002.

AutoCAD 2002 included Xrefs (cross-reference), which allowed the user to refer to other drawings, models, and drawings. Xrefs could be grouped to make finding other references easier.

The linetype tool was added to allow control of the appearance of the

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What’s New in the?

With AutoCAD 2023, you can utilize the Print Preview capabilities to quickly create a visual representation of the changes you make. Print the page, sign the page and then send it back to the designer for review.

Any changes to the marked-up sheet will be updated to the AutoCAD drawing and included with the review materials.


Easily move, cut, split, merge, and edit branches in your drawings. Create new commands that let you split and merge blocks to create new lines, sections, or faces.

Visualize blocks in a branching structure to highlight the order of blocks in a drawing and see what changes will be made. Create new commands that give you more control over the structure.

With CADEditBranch, you can quickly create and manage your block branches in any drawing — even those created with different templates.

Joints and Corner Management:

With CADEditJoints, you can easily select multiple blocks in the drawing and access a list of blocks that will be spliced together to create a new joint. Create joints and specify the edit behavior.

Select blocks to edit and select the joint to create with the click of a button. Specify the number of edges, style, color, and edit behavior. Create a new joint or change the edit behavior of an existing joint.

With CADEditCorners, select an edge or corner and select an edge, corner, or face to create a new corner or align an edge. Specify an edge, corner, or face to align and specify the corner style and corner type.

Extend your corner management capability beyond edges to corners and faces. Create and manage corners and align them with edges to create predefined face styles.

Vertices and Edges:

Vectors make it simple to understand your design, but what if you want to create a 3D model of your drawing? With Vectors in CADEditVertices, you can quickly create 3D edges with a single click.

Vectors makes it simple to understand your design, but what if you want to create a 3D model of your drawing? With Vectors in CADEditVertices, you can quickly create 3D edges with a single click.

Sketch Capture:

Sketch Capture is a new tool that allows you to easily draw precise shapes with a

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 or i5 with at least 2.5 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 100 MB available space
Sound card: DirectX-compatible sound card or headset
Additional Notes: The graphics card must support hardware acceleration.
Processor: Intel Core i7 or equivalent

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