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The main difference between AutoCAD and most CAD software, such as BIMfocus and SolidWorks, is that AutoCAD combines both geometry and 2D and 3D drawing, not just geometry. Also, AutoCAD is intended to be used by users with little or no CAD training. AutoCAD’s primary uses include industry-specific design tasks like architectural design, mechanical design, or engineering. For hobbyists, student and professional designers who want to use a CAD package for a single project, AutoCAD is a good choice. This article is about AutoCAD and what it can do for you.

As a commercial product, AutoCAD is sold by Autodesk. Autodesk also produces educational software for AutoCAD, such as AutoCAD Video Training. AutoCAD tutorials are also available on the web, in addition to AutoCAD Expert Help and the free AutoCAD Lab (which is part of the Autodesk software), which is a community site featuring tutorials and discussion boards for AutoCAD.

The fastest route for AutoCAD 2020 is a computer with a modern Intel processor. The pre-built computers in the Microsoft Windows SKU’s are fast, with the single-core versions of the computer running at 3.3 GHz, and the dual-core versions at 3.5 GHz. For faster processing, you can also buy a computer with an AMD processor.

The user interface (UI) of AutoCAD looks very much like a spreadsheet application, so you can get used to how it works very quickly. You can set up your drawing with any number of drawing objects—you have the option of using point, line, polyline, arc, spline, shape, path, or polygon. These drawing objects can be combined to make more complex shapes. You can attach images to drawing objects. You can use blocks to store drawings and data. Once you have set up your drawing, the software allows you to work on it in real time. There are no menus. All you do is select the tools you need, select an object, then click to place the object.

In addition to drawing, AutoCAD has standard features like text, dimensioning, and linework, which you use to annotate your drawing. When you are done, you can print your drawing. When you export your drawing to a DWF or DXF file, you can send the file to a printer

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on-screen menus, a dialog-based UI system, functions similar to the Microsoft Windows API, much like Visual Basic
the ability to load external assemblies which contain AutoCAD extensions, functions or functions

Internally, the product uses the object-oriented BASIC programming language, the AutoCAD control library, the.NET platform, and other programming languages.

AutoCAD’s GUI is object-oriented, based on the Model-View-Control (MVC) pattern. This means that it is possible to use another application or view in conjunction with AutoCAD. For example, AutoCAD’s integration with Google Earth allows users to work in Google Earth to do precision designing while in the same application.

In 2003, Autodesk introduced a new technology for collaboration across the entire development team, Autodesk 360, which provides a high-performance, distributed object storage system. The Autodesk 360 Service is a key component of Autodesk 360 and is based on Autodesk’s existing software development platform, the Autodesk RAD Center.

Through a series of mergers, acquisitions and innovations, Autodesk has now become one of the leading software development companies for engineering and architecture software, materials, data management, 3D visualization and construction for the construction industry and architecture and engineering. The company sells its products and services in over 180 countries.


AES Corporation
Autodesk was founded in 1982 by a group of five college graduates in Silicon Valley. It began as a manufacturer of software products (called the “AES Toolbox”) that provided basic architectural drafting tools.

The company developed an application called Remake which provided architectural designers with the ability to reuse 3D models from other applications. It was marketed and sold to Wiley and Sons under the name AutoCAD. By the time it was released, it was the industry standard for architectural drafting software. It is available on every operating system that runs Windows and the latest version of AutoCAD, Autodesk AutoCAD 2018, is the most popular drafting program in the world. Its non-residential and non-profit subsidiary, Autodesk University, was established in 1990 to provide computer-aided learning opportunities for architecture students. In 1997, Autodesk created the software ArchiCAD, an architectural-design package sold separately from AutoCAD.

Autodesk originally had its headquarters in New Hampshire, but by 2003 had shifted its headquarters from Concord

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Launch Autocad.

Enter your Autocad license key in the “Login” field.

Under the “Help” menu, select “Adobe Acrobat” to view the tutorials for using Adobe Acrobat.


How to efficiently check if a list is sorted or not?

I have implemented the following two functions to check if a list is sorted or not:
bool isSorted(vector list) {
bool is_sorted = true;
sort(list.begin(), list.end());
return is_sorted;

bool isSorted(vector& list) {
bool is_sorted = true;
sort(list.begin(), list.end());
return is_sorted;

However, these two functions will always return the same result:
bool isSorted(vector list) {
bool is_sorted = true;
sort(list.begin(), list.end());
return is_sorted;

bool isSorted(vector& list) {
bool is_sorted = true;
sort(list.begin(), list.end());
return is_sorted;

Is it OK to write it like this way? Or can it cause any problem?
From the replies, I realised that the list I passed in is not what I meant. So, what I meant is:
bool isSorted(vector& list) {
bool is_sorted = true;
sort(list.begin(), list.end());
return is_sorted;

Is it OK to write it like this way?


The problem is that if you sort a vector then you are taking ownership of it, and as a consequence you have to worry about freeing it.
If you only want to get a sorted copy, use std::copy() or std::back_inserter() instead.
If you want to sort it for you (in-place), use std::sort() and pass it by value:
void isSorted

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Import and Edit

Edit drawings and files directly from the DesignCenter. (video: 1:13 min.)

Edit and Convert

Edit and convert your project files to DWF, DGN and STL formats. (video: 1:40 min.)


Launch SmartDashboard to show analytics and update the overall dashboard, show your DWG, DGN and STL files, and find files based on user searches. (video: 1:14 min.)

Dashboard Controls

Customize the dashboard so that it suits your needs. (video: 1:03 min.)

Automation Tools

See your drawings on your screen. (video: 1:30 min.)

Automation Schedule

Schedule automated drawing tasks in AutoCAD. (video: 1:08 min.)

Share your designs with fellow AutoCAD users across (video: 1:35 min.)

Discover AutoCAD in a video series

This video highlights new and improved features of AutoCAD 2023 and shows how to use the new features.

More AutoCAD Tips and Tricks:

Read about new features in AutoCAD 2023. (video: 2:02 min.)

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Use the tips and tricks to make your work in AutoCAD easier and more productive.

Enjoy free Autodesk Certification exams

We make it easy for you to become certified, with Autodesk certification exams to help you prepare for a certification exam in AutoCAD and other Autodesk software.Q:

Redis Serializer Message with untrusted input

I need to get from Redis as fast as possible a list of users that created/updated in database a certain message.
I’m aware of the fact that a serializer message with untrusted input can be destroyed and I’d have to rebuilt it.
At the moment I’m doing:
LFU: 20, 100;
Get: “the message ID”,

Sent by a web client:


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