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Historical Information

AutoCAD first appeared in 1982 as a standalone application for the Xerox Alto computer.

Initially, it ran on the Xerox Alto microcomputer, which was a desktop computer with a built-in graphics display and an internal tape-storage system. The Alto was marketed as a desktop word processor. To create a model drawing, users would use the text editor of their choice to create text-based objects such as blocks and text and then connect these objects to form a drawing.

The original version of AutoCAD, “Drawing Edition 1” (DE 1), was a two-dimensional (2D) program that supported the creation of both 2D and 3D drawings and features. The user interface of DE 1 was very similar to a graphic design program, which enabled users to create drafts quickly by dragging and dropping objects. DE 1 was released in December 1982, but the early releases of the application were buggy, slow, and had a limited feature set.

In 1985, DE 1 was updated and renamed “AutoCAD 1.0.” The version included full 3D support (or 3D modeling), including the ability to draw, edit, and view 3D objects and surfaces, as well as to convert from 2D and 3D. In addition, AutoCAD 1.0 included a graphics language, programming, and graphics display subsystem, the first version of the latter of which could be viewed from inside of the application.

AutoCAD 1.0 ran on various computers including the Xerox Star, Xerox 1108, Xerox 1107 and the Macintosh II.

AutoCAD 2.0 was first released in 1989. As with AutoCAD 1.0, AutoCAD 2.0 was available for the Apple Macintosh and included 3D support. The first release of AutoCAD 2.0 was a “Drafting Edition” (DE 2), which was a two-dimensional (2D) drawing application. DE 2 had a full-blown user interface (UI) comparable to graphic design software, complete with graphics libraries and a graphics display subsystem. DE 2 was released in December 1989.

AutoCAD 2.5 and the AutoCAD Graphics Language

AutoCAD 2.5, also released in December 1989, introduced three-dimensional (3D) modeling, including the ability to convert 3D solids to 2D solids. Because

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Business Intelligence (BI)
Business Objects

Use in arts and crafts

AutoCAD Full Crack has a number of features which make it particularly suitable for use in art and craft projects. These include annotation and labeling, stamping, basic 3D modelling, and parametric creation and alteration.

Annotation and labeling
The AutoCAD Serial Key user interface makes it easy to annotate and label, for example using layers, grids, tick marks, and coloured circles. It has a “brushed” or “shadow” appearance, which enables the objects to be very easily distinguished from one another.


With the stamping feature, users can mark the specified coordinates on a layer. The object’s transparency can be changed by changing the color of the stamp. Several stamp types are available, such as lines, circles, polygons and ellipses.

3D modeling
AutoCAD has a comprehensive 3D modeler with the ability to easily construct and edit surfaces, solids, surfaces in 3D, and drawings. The 3D modeler has many of the same functions available as other AutoCAD applications. It is also possible to import common 3D modeling file formats such as.step,.surf, and.stl.

It is possible to modify and view the internal mesh of an object using the “XREF” command. The “XREF” command displays the internal dimensions, thickness, axis and the remaining steps in a 3D object as shown in the screenshot in the right. It is possible to perform a “search” for a specific object. It has the ability to create and edit meshes. It has its own command to save files in various 3D formats (X, Y, Z, CAD).

Parametric modeling allows the creation of a complex drawing using geometrical primitives (geometrical objects) like lines, polylines, circles, and surfaces.

Before the release of AutoCAD 2004, it was possible to create complex parametric objects such as doors, rooms and automatic turrets. It is possible to use the simple parametric tool to create drawings such as floors, rooms, and stairs. A rectangle can be created by defining the dimensions and then the interior geometry is created automatically.

Power-driven extrusion is a very convenient feature for using parametric data.


In the 2010 release, the ability to automate drawing processes and customization were added.

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Preview and Activation
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After rescuing

What’s New in the?

Revision History

Revision ID Date Author Comment changeset ID

12 6/30/2019 Bob Binkley Update Version number, change initial release (1.0) to next major release (1.1).

6/30/2019 Bob Binkley

Layout and Graphics and Interfaces


Added improvements to the table of contents subwindow.

Added toolbars for Block Attributes (not available in the ribbon).

The table of contents subwindow will no longer display the block itself.

Fixed a problem that caused the table of contents subwindow to display, on occasion, content from two blocks simultaneously.

Made the block canvas much easier to see when in the drawing area.

Added a new context menu item for deleting the current layer.

Addressed an issue where a new drawing was not saved when exiting when using the View menu option in the drawing area.

The Commands Pane has been moved to the new Main Menu.

You can now make the tab next to the ribbon active using the ribbon context menu or the right mouse button.

The export and import filters can now be set to match the filter of any directory they are operating on.

If you are dragging a block to a new drawing, or dragging it out of a block, the block will now draw itself in its own layer.

The Properties View has been extended to show block properties.

Block properties are now visible when selecting a block in a document.

The order of the block properties has been adjusted so that the properties which are related to the block itself will be at the top of the list.

If you select a block in a drawing, you can now use keyboard shortcuts to view the properties.

The placement of the Properties Pane has been adjusted to fit better with the ribbon.

Added a new method for importing an outline.

Added a new method for importing an outline that is compatible with block objects.

The Import Inset, Holes and Marks objects are now properly shown in the Properties Pane when you import an outline.

Added a new dialog which allows you to select an existing Inset, Holes and Marks object to import into a new drawing.

The Import Outline option has been renamed to Import Options.

The outliner now accepts selection lines when a selection object

System Requirements:

Operating System:
– Windows XP
– Windows Vista
If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 please make sure you have an Intel Core i5-3300 processor or equivalent in order to run the game.
See this article for more details on the compatibility of the game with other operating systems.
Intel Core i5-3300 or equivalent.
Nvidia GTX 970 or equivalent.
6 GB RAM or

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