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AutoCAD, a type of CAD software, has two modes of operation: drafting and design. In drafting mode, you can draw 2D objects and create 3D objects. In design mode, you can design and draw objects or create 3D models and drawings.

Need to know more about AutoCAD? Read our guide to AutoCAD here.

AutoCAD in practice: using and drafting

Drafting mode is mainly for beginners and less experienced CAD users. It is also known as AutoCAD LT (for AutoCAD, the later releases of AutoCAD LT are known as AutoCAD Classic). In this mode, you can draw objects and edit them by using the single-point and single-line drawing tools, such as the Line tool and the Arc tool.

When drafting, you can:

Create two-dimensional objects.

Add dimensions and captions to your drawings.

Scale drawings to an exact size.

Save your drawing as an image file.

When you open a drawing, you can view the existing objects in the drawing. Then you can add, delete, or move any object in the drawing.

Any object you draw has a property called data type. This property determines which mode you use to edit and view the object. You can edit the object either manually, or you can use a command or a tool. If you edit a drawing using an editing tool, the edited object becomes a different type. You can view the object in a different mode than the one in which it was originally drawn.

When you draw an object, a point or a line is automatically generated, and its coordinates are shown. You can also draw an object by moving the mouse to a specific point.

A dashed line or polyline is used to define an area. A dashed line is a two-dimensional series of points that join together in a specific pattern. You can edit the pattern of a dashed line by using the DASH tool. You can change the dash patterns, the length, and the spacing of the line. You can also move the point of the line in the drawing.

When you move the mouse over a point, the coordinates of the point are displayed. You can use the arrow buttons on your mouse to set the location of the point. The point is also labeled with the coordinates of the point.

You can use the Insert tool to

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The drawing exchange format has been used in industry for over 40 years, and was introduced in AutoCAD in 1986. DXF is a file format specification of ASCII text, and natively supports both vector and bitmap types. The standard is defined in ISO 12208:1997. It is primarily used to exchange drawing files between different CAD applications.

3D solid modeling

AutoCAD is used for three-dimensional (3D) solid modeling. While simple forms can be created using lines, curves, surfaces and polylines, 3D models are created with solids, which are objects composed of a number of surface elements. Most of the solid objects are modeled with polylines, while the surface elements are most often modeled with curves. Solids may be subdivided (divided) into smaller elements, forming complex, multi-level solids.

The most common way to create a solid is to create a parent solid, which then subdivides into smaller, constituent solids. For example, a wall is created by first creating a parent solid which subdivides into a top, a bottom, and a middle. Each of the three solids is then built into its own collection of polylines and other surface elements. A common type of solid is the spline surface, which subdivides into smaller polygons and is particularly useful for creating surfaces, such as roofs and smooth curves.

Some other forms of 3D modeling require additional solid modeling tools. For example, a solid may be subdivided into smaller solids, a solid may be constructed from two or more other objects, or a solid may be extruded, such as to produce an extruded spline surface, a fillet, a free-form surface, or a torus, a surface with one or more rings. Many CAD packages also support the use of displacement mapping to create a 3D model from an existing 2D image or texture.

The 3D editing tools are:
3D modeling
3D printing


In AutoCAD, the viewport may be split horizontally and vertically into four quadrants, each of which may be given a different layer style to indicate whether the object is hidden, printed, or in redraw mode, for example. The viewport may also be set up for viewports, which are like separate viewports but are given special label colors to indicate which quadrant they are in.

The drawing tools can also be used for various operations

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How to copy files between an Android device and a computer using SSH?

I’ve got Android 2.1 running on my HTC Hero and I need to copy a few files between my computer and the phone over SSH. I can successfully connect using SSH but the file transfer does not work.
The phone successfully connects and looks like it is uploading files. On the phone:

Disconnect from SSH connection
Connect to SSH connection
open a file browser window

The phone hangs there.

Does anyone know what’s going on?


I had to set the permissions correctly in order to get my file transfers to work. And it looks like I needed to use SFTP.
sudo chmod 755 /sdcard/MyPath/toFile

sudo chmod 664 /sdcard/MyPath/toFile

sudo chmod 755 /sdcard/MyPath/toFolder

Note: the 755 permissions seem to be needed for both the phone and the computer for the file to be successfully transferred.


If you have no SSH connection, Android can mount the SD card as a filesystem through a USB cable. This works on any device, though it doesn’t make much sense on a phone.

Press the HOME button on the phone.
Open the File Explorer.
Select the SD card in the list.
Select MOUNT.

After the phone connects to the computer, the files on the SD card can be transferred over USB. If you use this to transfer files, make sure to use the host name, not the ip address. For instance, I use the following as my SSH hostname:
ssh -p 22 localhost


What’s New In?

Stay on track using the “Revision History” option, which shows you the history of the objects in your drawing and allows you to continue working on your drawing with a history of what’s happened already.

Export to HTML5:

Create high-quality HTML5-compatible drawings that can be viewed in a web browser on any device.

Markup Assist

Markup assist allows you to import and markup text directly into a drawing, creating a unified, persistent text template that can be applied across multiple drawings.

You can view, edit, and apply the template to your drawings, and also apply that template to new drawings.

Markup assist offers two types of markups: graphic and descriptive. The graphic markup is for an icon or text, and the descriptive markup is for text annotations that describe that icon or text.

The system supports previewing and applying markup to your drawings while you type. The final markup is shown on the right side of the application window in real-time as you type.

Markup Assist 1.0 provides the following:

Adds the new text annotation type “Graphic” and “Descriptive” to the dropdown menu of typeable text annotations.

Add a default graphic for “Graphic” and “Descriptive” text annotations.

Add support for icon previews on the icon dropdown menu.

Imports external text templates from Office Online to add pre-defined text and markups to drawings.

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Now that you are connected to Office 365, you can log into your Microsoft Office account from inside the browser, or if you are already logged into Office 365, you can get to your account from inside the browser by clicking on the Office 365 icon on the top right. This icon appears in the browser when you are connected to Office 365.

In Office 365, click on the gear icon in the top right corner and select Settings.

Now, click on the “Password or Security Key” link in the Settings dialog box that appears.

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System Requirements For AutoCAD:

2070 or later.
Display Requirements:
Requires a 3840 x 1080 display or higher.
Audio Requirements:
Requires a speaker system that supports lossless audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos.
Additional Notes:
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