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Today, almost everything in the world is designed using some sort of CAD software. The demands of 3D modeling software have inspired the development of numerous other CAD programs. Today, even the smallest work stations used in architecturally oriented CAD programs have a mouse, graphics tablet and RGB LED backlit display as well as a RAM buffer.

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The Changes in AutoCAD 2016

AutoCAD 2016 is released with many new features. Since 2016 has arrived, we want to give you an overview of the biggest changes that you will experience with AutoCAD.

New Feature Overview

New features are marked with a star:

You can start the new AutoCAD 2016 by clicking on the star. The new AutoCAD 2016 will start and open new dialogs.

Work on changes that have been made to the previous versions will continue even after updating.

Automatic line termination is used to compensate for the limitations of the display device. For example, AutoCAD 2000 could not display more than 65536 lines on a screen. So an infinite line would be shown on the screen.

The way the line is terminated is not displayed on screen.

If you want to have the line in the drawing displayed like in the drawing, you have to select the line.

AutoCAD 2016 now shows a line of text where the two lines meet.

The border that surrounds AutoCAD objects is now displayed on screen.

Instead of drawing a wire frame around the object, you can draw the object on a flat surface.

In the previous versions of AutoCAD, a circle would have a radius of zero and a line would end with an endpoint.

In the previous versions of AutoCAD, the pop-up menu items for working with AutoCAD layers were displayed on screen.

In the new versions, the change of layers is displayed on screen in a layer preview area.

You can now add a perspective view to an existing AutoCAD drawing.

The notes in previous versions of AutoCAD were only visible in one direction. Now

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AutoCAD directly supports many key-board entry methods, such as shortcut keys, manual entry, autocomplete, object selection, block selection, menu selection, data entry, and review.

CAD systems have been used in industry for nearly 50 years and many applications and add-ons have been developed for this purpose. While none of these software packages are guaranteed to be reliable, AutoCAD and other CAD applications are robust tools that are generally considered to be reasonably reliable.

AutoCAD also supports import and export of data, including the ability to read and write the native data format of other CAD applications, known as the Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) file format. DXF is a binary representation of the data, which makes it easy to create programs to manipulate the drawing information. Many third-party applications have also been created to import and export information in the DXF format.

AutoCAD 2016 – 2019
AutoCAD 2016 introduced the ability to utilize CAD applications in three-dimensional space.
AutoCAD 2017 introduced 32-bit floating point support. AutoCAD 2018 introduced the ability to automatically trim objects that are not visible in a drawing.
AutoCAD 2019 includes a new document-based tracking system, where users create and store “Tracks” for reusable content. AutoCAD’s templates feature has been improved.

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AutoCAD Activator

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Google Maps Android API v2 navigation marker with rounded corner

I am currently using google maps with the following code:
LatLng latLng = new LatLng(lat, lng);
mMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions().position(latLng).title(“I am here”));

and I can display a marker with a center with a normal round corner. However, when I want to add a navigation arrow, it displays a marker with a “corners” and the square outline.
How can I make it so that the navigation arrow marker has rounded corner too?


As the MarkerOptions constructor does not take a corner radius, one can create the MarkerOptions in the following way:
MarkerOptions mOptions = new MarkerOptions()
.title(“I am here”)
.anchor(0.5f, 0.5f)

And for your question:

How can I make it so that the navigation arrow marker has rounded corner too?

What’s New In?

Manage and edit multiple files in a single draw session. File-stacking supports an unlimited number of files with custom file filters for naming and location, as well as a unique hierarchical directory tree for organising and grouping files. (video: 1:17 min.)

Use Markup Assist to preview, edit, or create your own custom markup and enter it directly into your documents. (video: 1:26 min.)

New AutoCAD options for rich text editing, including bold, italic, colour, and size.

Add and edit drawings with full support for multiple Project Styles, including Multi-Sheet Layout, Sheet Rotation, Sheet Calculation, and Multi-Sheet Title Properties.

Multi-Sheet Layout:

Easily turn your entire drawing into a linked drawing. Display only the parts you need from another drawing while hiding parts you don’t.

Save time by using tools to connect up to four drawings or ModelSpace layouts in a single drawing. Re-use parts from one layout in multiple drawings, without having to re-edit the parts or drawings.

Create new drawings or update an existing layout with confidence. Link to another drawing to save time and effort, with AutoCAD’s multi-sheet features working across all Project Styles.

Sheet Rotation:

Transform the entire drawing on screen. Rotate, flip, mirror, and resize all parts of your drawing at the same time.

Save time by resizing and rotating parts of your drawing in one step. Automatically calculate sheet sizes and rotation angles based on your linked drawings and the state of your drawing.

Sheet Calculation:

Make a calculation in one step and have the result automatically update in all drawing parts.

Turn a complex operation into a single step with the Sheet Calculation option. Automatically update all drawing parts with the result of your calculation. Choose to update the Drawing Header with the new calculation result, or send the calculation results to a message or email.

Multi-Sheet Title Properties:

Customise the metadata used to describe your drawings. Easily set the title style, separator, and more for each linked drawing.

Save time by automating the process of setting up the metadata for linked drawings. Set a description of a linked drawing, choose a separator for the linked drawings, and use the Format Text tool to assign the

System Requirements:

CURIE-785 recommended system specs (Nvidia GTX 970/Geforce GTX 1060):
We highly recommend having at least a GTX 970 for it’s optimal VR experience. If you cannot afford a Nvidia 970 then go for a GTX 1060 or later. If you want to see a list of recommended GPUs then please click here.
CURIE-786 recommended system specs (Intel i5/i7):
Intel i5/i7 CPU recommended:
In order to run the final release of the game you will need to have a

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