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Autodesk has made AutoCAD an integral part of the engineering design process, often resulting in developers depending on AutoCAD as much as they do their own engineering knowledge.

Download AutoCAD as a mobile app

Download AutoCAD as a web app


AutoCAD is named after the automation of the drafting process and is considered a “software application”. The AutoCAD logo reflects the replacement of the drafting process with a computer aided drafting system. A re-designation as a “software” product began with the release of AutoCAD WS, which was later renamed AutoCAD WS (now named AutoCAD LT). Over the next few years, Autodesk gradually introduced additional functionality in the AutoCAD product line.

AutoCAD is the most popular CAD software in use around the world. In addition, AutoCAD is used as a modeling program for structural and piping design, sometimes together with other applications. AutoCAD is also used for 2D and 3D drafting. AutoCAD is popular among engineers, architects, geologists, and industrial design students. AutoCAD has been awarded the Design Excellence Award, a product development award, 18 times, including 9 consecutive years since 2008. AutoCAD has also received the iF Design Award since 2003.

Download AutoCAD as a desktop app

Download AutoCAD as a mobile app

Download AutoCAD as a web app

Autodesk had a variety of software applications in the 1980s, but AutoCAD was the first to take advantage of vector graphics and client-server concepts. Clients displayed drawings on desktop or portable computers, and the AutoCAD server processed commands and generated graphics output.

The first Autodesk product to incorporate these features was AutoCAD Workbench, which was later renamed to AutoCAD R14. Another Autodesk product, AutoCAD Drawing Workbench, was introduced in 1984.

However, in 1985 Autodesk introduced its first successful consumer-focused software application, Autodesk Drawing. Drawings were flat, and were displayed on a large desktop or color television monitor. Drawings contained predefined drafting components such as points, lines, and curves. The customer’s drawing was stored on a floppy

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First introduced in AutoCAD Free Download 2002, DXF uses vector graphics with outline, text, and color graphics. This allows the use of all AutoCAD’s vector capabilities, such as line, polyline, circle, arc, spline, tunnel, and text capabilities.

Since version 12, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT have supported web applications. These include online sales of AutoCAD subscriptions, AutoCAD 2003 integration with MS Project and Microsoft Office Access, online access to AutoCAD C++ add-ons, and online access to AutoCAD archive files. These web applications also include integration with social media, such as integration with Facebook, and Twitter. The network access functions (such as the ability to share drawings and models) are also integrated into the web applications.

Starting with AutoCAD 2016, embedded BIM, or Building information modeling, was introduced. The latter is not limited to architectural software. The BIM viewer can include all types of data, such as plans, sections, elevations, drawings, etc. The latest version of AutoCAD also supports a BIM-like service, which integrates these functions into the cloud. All this functionality is easily accessible via web browsers. In addition to the basic interface, in AutoCAD 2017 the user can also use the AutoCAD mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Architecture and construction
AutoCAD supports the establishment of a hierarchy of classes. These can be projects, or a project can be subdivided into stages, drawings, or materials. As a result of a class, a number of objects may be created. These are stored in a database (or an Excel or other spreadsheet, in earlier versions), which is usually managed by a database manager (such as Access).

Once a drawing is created, it is stored in a database, where it can be accessed and edited, e.g. by using the AxDraw and AxEdit functions. In addition to the database management, the database can also be used for a hierarchy of objects. As a result, a number of objects may be created, which store data for a particular drawing. This can be used to determine how the objects are related to each other, or to a particular drawing. All these functions, including the database management, are controlled by a database manager (such as Access).

Database management
The database management in AutoCAD is organized around a number of functions, such as:

Database manager (or DBM

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**Default values**
Application: Autocad
AutoCAD 2008 or higher
Directory: `C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2008\ACAD`

**Autocad Options**

– Application Path: `C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2008\AutoCAD.exe`
– Description: `Autocad`
– Url: `
– Start Menu Group: `AutoCAD`
– Start Menu Path: `C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2008\AutoCAD\`

**AES Options**

– Application Path: `C:\Program Files\AES\AES.exe`
– Description: `AES`
– Url: `
– Start Menu Group: `KeyGenerator`
– Start Menu Path: `C:\Program Files\AES\`

**Atom Options**

– Application Path: `C:\Program Files\Atomisis\Atomisis.exe`
– Description: `Atomisis`
– Url: `
– Start Menu Group: `Atomisis`
– Start Menu Path: `C:\Program Files\Atomisis\`

**Arycobat Options**

– Application Path: `C:\Program Files\Arycobat\Arycobat.exe`
– Description: `Arycobat`
– Url: `
– Start Menu Group: `Arycobat`
– Start Menu Path: `C:\Program Files\Arycobat\`

**Aureon Options**

– Application Path: `C:\Program Files\Aureon\Aureon.exe`
– Description: `Aureon`
– Url: `

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Import the same style markup from one drawing to all of your drawings, instantly.

Add a drawing to a drawing

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System Requirements:

Supported video cards:
Intel HD Graphics 620 (1x integrated with GT 630)
AMD HD Graphics 620 (1x integrated with GT 630)
AMD HD Graphics 400 (1x integrated with GT 630)
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti (2x)
Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 (2x)
Intel HD Graphics 630 (1x integrated with GT 630)
Intel HD Graphics 530 (1x integrated with GT 630)
Intel HD Graphics 520 (1x integrated with GT 630)

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