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Oct 16, 2012
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Mar 18, 2020
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Ask HN: Care to share your tech stack(s) and ideas for unit testing with me? – korkovic
Hey all,I'm moving over from Java into Python world. I loved Python before, but never experienced working with TDD/BDD on it. I've read about selenium and Test/Nu/Moose, but I prefer small, more elegant solutions. I'm willing to listen and learn.Here's my list of what I'd love to hear about:- Ways to automate end-to-end testing of webapps (i.e., webbrowser + Google Docs + Google Calendar + Google Hangouts + Dropbox + Slack)- How to write code that is guaranteed to be same across programming languages (e.g., Python, Scala, Java)- Dependency resolution- Run your tests across all of your team members- Sandbox environment without installing / running / restarting everything?- Linux-only solutions of any kind.- What else?
Here’s the list I would love to receive:

* web browser with CDN caching

* work with VSTS for automatic build / deployment

* find older, easier (dynamic) web language that’s easy for me to learn

* framework that’s no longer being actively developed, I’d like to see how easy it is

How can i get a working version of “profili” after downloading the trial version?
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What is the meaning of


Why can’t I set async/await to return a promise with the default() keyword in rxjs5?

I am trying to follow the rxjs 5 docs, but the following code will not compile, the compiler says I can not assign a class property to an object literal property. What is going on here?
export function test(service): Observable {
return service.getAll().pipe(
map((data: any) => data),
catchError(err => { return of(err); })

As pointed out by tivaini, this will not compile due to:

Type ‘() => Observable’ is not assignable to type ‘Observable’. Type ‘Observable’ provides no match for the signature ‘((event) => void) => void’.

I found this information for the default function, but it is not clear to me why default() can’t be used for this.


Default return type of any of the operators you are using in catchError is void. And the default return type of Observable is never void. So you will get an error.
When you use a catch operator inside a pipe it has to return a result. That’s why it is expecting Observable.
As per rxjs5 doc

The catch operator will emit the error of an Observable once that observable completes, until it errors.

So a catch operator inside pipe should be of type Observable. So what you are doing is of type Observable as well.
catchError((data, e) => e)

You can also explicitly return an Observable.
catchError(err => { return Observable.of(err) })

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