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KlayGE is a game engine that is a library for creating and optimizing 2D, 3D, and VR games. It works
on several operating systems and virtual machines. It has a limited and focused set of
features, but some of these are essential to make a game. A full list of features can be found on
the Requirements page.

The engine has been developed by us. We use the engine to develop our own games, but it is
large enough to use for our task. We focused on the performance, stability, usability and a variety
of other features.

KlayGE documentation:

KlayGE Game Engine has two sections: the documentation and the source code. The former is
available on the web, and the latter, on GitHub.
The goal of the documentation is to provide a high-quality and detailed description of
the framework. It is written for advanced developers who need to understand the inner
workings of the engine.

KlayGE game design:

KlayGE is designed to support one application per project, but is still powerful enough for
several games. There is no boilerplate code, so game developers can start right away and
make their first game without worrying about the maintenance.

The engine is a library that has a plugin-based architecture. This means that it is
easier to extend the engine.

KlayGE supports these platforms:

* Windows, using DirectX
* Linux, using SDL
* Mac OS X using Cocoa and Quartz
* Android using the NDK
* iOS using the CocoaTouch/OpenGL/CoreAnimation

KlayGE is cross-platform, so it works on all the platforms listed above.

KlayGE source code:


The Klay

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Current Features:

KlayGE Crack For Windows Overview:
KlayGE is a cross platform game engine, it was designed to make the development of games even easier.

KlayGE Goals:
To develop a cross-platform game engine
To make the game development as easy as possible
To create a system that runs in different environments (Desktop, Linux, Mac,…)
To include a plugin system for making (porting) existing games from one platform to another (Linux/Windows)
To provide a great user-interface for the developers

KlayGE Benefits:
KlayGE is free.
It is possible to store game data in the database in a simple text file and have it processed again by the game by the engine
KlayGE is easy to use, it doesn’t require “blah blah”.
KlayGE uses the standard C++ object oriented library and therefore developers don’t need to learn new stuff to use it.
The KlayGE engine is entirely written in C++ and uses GLEW for GL (OpenGL) context and Shader descriptors, so you can easily use pretty much any shader engine.

KlayGE API Overview:
The KlayGE API is a good way to start a project with KlayGE.
Because of this, it is proposed that the first project should use KlayGE.

KlayGE Projects:

KlayGE Documentation:

KlayGE Events Overview:

KlayGE Architecture:

KlayGE Plugins Overview:

KlayGE Contributors:

I would like to have another contributor to look over KlayGE from time to time

I have checked the KlayGE with KDE version 3.3 and that looks fine
I have checked with KlayGE and it looks fine

So I don’t think I need another Programer for KlayGE.

Is there any reason why you think that I should accept my KlayGE?


I think I might be a bit late to the party, but I wanted to offer my 2 cents on this:
I think this project is well deserving of an additional developer. I’ve used it for the past few years and will continue to use it, and I think it would be a real shame if it were to die. The API is straightforward, and pretty easy to learn — and you don’t even need to know

KlayGE Crack Activator

KlayGE is a game engine based on OpenGL which allows you to easily create new games without a dedicated studio
Development is cross-platform, Windows, Linux and Mac, with a support of sound, textures, and general video files.
Using KlayGE, it is relatively easy to create games with one or two developers.
– No need to install third-party libraries.
– Graphics optimization: game levels can be streamed through fast networks.
– Native x86 and x64 Windows, Linux and Mac OS X projects.
– C++ source code written in standard C++.
– Easy to use command line tools to create projects.
– Software OpenGL implementation, in order to use the full potential of the OpenGL capabilities of all users computers.
– Plugin API allows users to create games using different programming languages.
– Integration with standard libs.
– Free manual and tutorial.
– Native compiler, that processes all projects in order to be faster and simpler.
– Incompatible with the DirectX library.
– Plus and -NOT- supports free third-party sources.
– Plugins support DirectX, OpenAL and OpenMAX as possible.
– Easy game development, since it only requires a few lines of code, and graphics files.
– Powerful scripting.
– [Songs] CTF [CPL] games with mission maps, quests, achievements and high replay value
– [Geometry] Weapons, Enemy, Entity, Monsters, Character, Hover cars,…
– [AI] Easy to use AI file system, NPC, Player, AIs,…
– [Game] Serialization, path finding, AI, Physics,…
– [Animation] Animation with skinning and dynamic animation
– [Level Editor] Easy development tools and intuitive editor.

If you want to download the game, the version of their project is: 0.95


KlayGE Official Website
KlayGE Project Website
KlayGE Wikia


There’s also the Unity3D game engine, which has a free and paid version. It is currently big for game development, but it is really good.


Blast Phoenix Game Engine is not free (as in free beer) but it is open source and game development oriented.

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The role of natural evolution in selecting

What’s New in the KlayGE?

KlayGE is an Open Source 2D game engine and framework, written in pure C for multiple architectures: Windows, Linux, BeOS, Android, iOS, BSD, etc.
KlayGE was originally written to be a C++ engine for mobile and console games. KlayGE supports multiple game backends, including SDL, OpenGL, CoreVideo, and Cocos2D, as well as input/output systems such as GameKit and IOGraphics. The engine supports Mac OS X, and is being ported to other platforms.
KlayGE is easy to use, with a C API that is designed to be familiar to developers with prior C game engine experience. The C API is similar to Ogre3D. Like Ogre3D, KlayGE does not require any special build configuration, but it can be built against the open source Bullet Physics Library.
The engine also provides an abstract, plugin-based architecture for modeling game states, scriptable stateless behaviors, tile-based map renderers, and more.
The engine is designed for mobile and console game development. KlayGE provides 3D graphics and easy, abstract state management for high-performance simulation applications.
The engine is designed to support large-scale game development, and provides runtime state management for large-scale game simulations or dynamic programming languages.
KlayGE is delivered in a cross-platform binary, so games can be developed and tested on multiple platforms without recompiling.

Development process
KlayGE was developed from the kegel engine (Kegel, an educational game developed from the university of Utah for students in scientific fields) and the mtm game engine. The game engine was originally released in the spring of 2006 as the mtm engine, and was renamed to the KlayGE when it was finally released as open source in fall of 2006.

Supported backends

KlayGE supports multiple backends to create a game.

Cocos2d : A powerful native 2D game engine for the iOS platform
IOGraphics : 3D graphics and game engine for iPad, iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch
OpenGL : Cross-platform graphics and game engine for embedded systems and desktop systems.
SDL : Cross-platform 2D graphics and game engine for embedded systems and desktop systems.
SDL2 : The SDL2 is a drop-in replacement of SDL. It is a rewrite of SDL using C99, thread-safe and better performance. The official project

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)
Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon 64
Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon 64 RAM: 1 GB
1 GB Graphics: At least 256 MB (NVIDIA 7600GT recommended)
OS: Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)
Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad
Intel Core 2 Quad RAM:


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