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CSER Adelaide▸ News & Information

We are moving our MOOC Communities to WordPress!

As you would be aware, Google+ is being closed by Google. After consideration, we have decided to move our existing CSER MOOC Google+ Communities to WordPress, where you can continue to browse and actively contribute to a shared CSER MOOC Community.

We have over 15,000 members across our four CSER MOOC Google+ Communities, and we greatly value your contributions and insights supporting the implementation of the Digital Technologies curriculum. CSER will transfer all of the existing posts for each of o…


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Helen Kardiasmenos▸ Digital Technologies in Society (Task 2)

For me as a busy mum of three young boys this app has been amazing. And the long term benefits for society great in terms of health and controlling illness.

It reminds which child needs their vaccines and when, it sends me alerts a month before the vaccines a due and even links me to our GPs website so I can book …


Katrina Falkner▸ News & Information

Hi everyone! I know many of you are curious as to Google's proposed changes to Google+ and what that means for our communities. We are still working through the fine details, but are currently working with Google on a solution – our aim is to migrate our communities to their enterprise system, retaining all of our current posts and information and maintaining all of your access.

I will post updates for you here, including any information on anything, if at all, that you might need to do.

To answer key questions that we have received:
– Our cou…


Nathan Brown▸ Classroom Experiences (Task 8)

This MOOC has been highly beneficial for a teacher who is teaching digital technologies for the first time. I have found some of the videos and links quite valuable not just for digi tech but also my other specialisations such as Humanities and Science as they address areas of critical thinking, analysing and evaluation which is a general capability across many subjects.

After completing this MOOC I feel equipped to plan and teach a year 7 and 8 course. The main challenge I will find personally is finding time to brush up on my coding skills. I am at the in…