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Designing Solutions (Task 5)


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Nathan Brown▸ Designing Solutions (Task 5)

Many of you in the community here have probably come across the online CS Curriculum Discoveries Guide which contains numerous units and lesson plans around coding and developing apps. It is not mapped to ACARA, but can be tweaked quite easily to align. For the unit 5 section of this MOOC I found the paper prototype lesson plan really valuable to scaffold students through the design process after they have settled on an app idea. In a subsequent lesson I would conduct a peer review lesson where teams would switch there paper prototype with other teams for feedback…


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Ms Isard▸ Designing Solutions (Task 5)

I was looking for Pseudocode online platforms and came across which is amazing in terms of teaching any type of coding, all design elements, data collection/analysis/presentation- a one stop shop for Ts teaching Digi Tech.

In terms of the design process of an app or any problem being solved with tech I see a huge amount of value in Ss doing ‘Pair Programming’ and devising their own rubrics in the assessment/feedb…


Bill Kerr▸ Designing Solutions (Task 5)

A real world problem when learning indigenous languages.

For example, Arrernte words are difficult to pronounce! I did a beginners course in Arrernte early in 2018. One problem was that when the teachers weren't there I couldn't check whether my pronounciations were correct. I'd like to design and make an app where I prerecord some Arrernte words with my pronounciations and then when I play them to a native language speaker or expert there is an option for them to record corrections.

I did the flowchart with pencil and paper first and t…