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Developing and Implementing (Task 6)


Doug Webb▸ Developing and Implementing (Task 6)

Task 6 – An implemented example of a simple app

maybe not an app but along the same lines, I had my year 8 AIT students build and develop a maze that could only be navigated using 'left turns'. the biggest problem students faced was the 'conditional' statements; the maze was not as straight forward as 'only turning left when a wall was met' by the sprite.


Nathan Brown▸ Developing and Implementing (Task 6)

I was impressed with MIT App Inventor which breaks down coding for beginners through simplistic procedural text or videos. App lab is another option and integrates the visual coding of blocks with java script quite well. You can switch between programming languages and when you drag a box onto your workspace it displays the JavaScript for that function.
The website also has additional online PD courses for teachers that are free. I have included the link below.