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Testing and Debugging (Task 7)


Doug Webb▸ Testing and Debugging (Task 7)

An example of app testing and/or debugging in your classroom

Closer to the start of this course we were shown an example of 'debugging in the classroom' where older students help guide younger students in writing a simple algorithm and testing it with a 'human computer'. it works really well (even without the differing age groups) and develops the algorithm, flowchart and debugging skills depending on what you as the teacher want the focus to be on.


Ms Isard▸ Testing and Debugging (Task 7)

An idea I have for my Year 7s is in the testing process of their apps I’d like to have them in small QA (Quality Assurance) group with each member assigned a different role. For example one person could be testing/evaluating effectiveness of the purpose of the app, another could be accessibility, one could be target audience and appearance of the app. Maybe even as a class designing a rubric for each role. Giving peer to peer feedback – what was done well, what could be improved etc.


Nathan Brown▸ Testing and Debugging (Task 7)

Some research around debugging gave me an idea of a short lesson to facilitate debugging. Depending on the coding program you are using (app inventor, scratch, app lab, etc) provide three scripts of code that purposely contain errors, include differing types of errors such as a syntax and semantic error. Students rewrite the code after they have debugged it without a computer. To assess and evaluate the students success get them to go online and check their code to see if they have successfully debugged the errors.

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