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Classroom Experience (Task 8)


Nathan Brown▸ Classroom Experiences (Task 8)

This MOOC has been highly beneficial for a teacher who is teaching digital technologies for the first time. I have found some of the videos and links quite valuable not just for digi tech but also my other specialisations such as Humanities and Science as they address areas of critical thinking, analysing and evaluation which is a general capability across many subjects.

After completing this MOOC I feel equipped to plan and teach a year 7 and 8 course. The main challenge I will find personally is finding time to brush up on my coding skills. I am at the in…


Ms Isard▸ Classroom Experiences (Task 8)

This has been a brilliant experience! The sequence, resources, ideas in the course as well as in this Google + community have been amazing.

From here I’ll be using most of the ideas and blending digital citizenship, digital systems, social networking etc as the opportunities present themselves and where might work best to build these skills in students. But a great basis to work from and offer a really good curriculum in this area. Thank you so much 🙂 #c…