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Classroom Experience (Task 8)


Chad Ivic▸ Classroom Experiences (Task 8)

#cserApps8 – a challenge of taking the ideas and practices from this MOOC to your classroom.

When you are new to teaching Digital Technologies I think debugging on the spot in the classroom is particularly challenging. Especially when you have multiple students with bugs in their programs all wanting help at the same time.
I have found that if I am honest with my students and let them know that I am not an expert but just another learner like the…


Gabbie Lee▸ Classroom Experiences (Task 8)

Task 8

I am really looking forward to teaching Digital Technologies in the future. A challenge that I will face with implementing Digital Technologies is being experienced with the software before trying to teach it to students. I'm hoping to spend some time familiarising myself over the Christmas holidays. Whenever I have introduced students to new technology I am always impressed with how they can embrace it, help each other and eve…


Jonathan Sargent▸ Classroom Experiences (Task 8)


Ideas and practices from this MOOC to your classroom

I will be taking many things from this short course to my classroom. Many of the practices I have already been doing for a number of years. Design, Develop and Evaluate is the cycle I have been using for nearly two decades.

There are also some new things that I shall be implementing. I have found a lot of good resources in this course.

Cheers J


Emmanuelle Pratt▸ Classroom Experiences (Task 8)

A challenge for me will be to implement a unit within the context of a multi-level classroom starting at year 5 level, through to year 7. However, having had a good grounding in visual programming through Scratch for the past three terms, I feel that the students have a solid foundation to start work on the next steps and apps. Thank you for a very informative and well resourced course.



Briony Hodges▸ Classroom Experiences (Task 8)

There are lots of challenges that I face implementing coding into my classroom. Firstly, I am not very good at coding. I spent a day learning to code and so have very basic coding knowledge. Coding an app is different to coding a small microprocessor to light up or flash. Secondly, finding an app coder that meets the needs of the course and the needs of the students is tough. Which also falls to the third challenge of banned websites in my school. It seems that a large number of these websites do not work on my school computers. I can request that they be opened t…


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K Gard▸ Classroom Experiences (Task 8)

For implementing the app building lessons, I would find this a challenge. Most of my students do not speak English as their first language, but with the basics for computers, they are able to follow coding. It helps to introduce most of the words used in scratch and other coding programs before trying to code. We also use a digital printer with tinkercad. The lessons on this link are from Europe. #cserApps8


Roger Barns▸ Classroom Experiences (Task 8)

Having to teach Digital Technologies while being HPE trained, I struggled with the programming side to start with. A really great resource for me was the GROK learning website. They have some modules that are free for grades 5-8 students in Australia and these are highly recommended. They allow students to move at their own pace and automatically mark their submissions for each challenge. Teacher accounts also have the same modules with the addition of solutions and teacher notes. You have full access to all resources as a teacher too (including the paid ones). Ea…