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George Scicluna▸ Networking

Hi, my name is George Scicluna, I am an Arts teacher in Geraldton WA at Rangeway PS who moved from secondary to primary 4 years ago. I have always loved technology and decided that I needed to expand my horizons and also wanted to change from the Arts. After researching on the net, I discovered the CSER project and have joined in on the 7 & 8 modules. Tonight I began my first session of reading and getting to know what it is about. I am looking forward to joining your community and sharing in the passion for Digital technologies. I hope to become a technology …


ken price▸ Networking

I'm Ken Price, and I work in Curriculum Services with DoE Tasmania. I've taught computing in various forms over many years, and I'd like to help my colleagues in teaching Digital Technologies. I'm involved in several professional associations related to computing in schools. I'm particularly interested in pedagogies for digital technologies, esp in relation to metaphor and approaches that relate generalisation and abstraction to concepts familiar to students.


Nicola Obrien▸ Networking

Hi everyone! I'm Nicola from Code Rangers (@coderangersau). Last year I started running workshops for children to learn coding before and after school, mostly stage 3 students. As they learn more and more about visual programming we're all ready for the next step, so I'm looking forward to taking this course and learning about the best way to teach other programming languages. I'm also excited to be part of a community interested in digital technologies and sharing their ideas and resources.